Therapy types

IFS - the nuts and bolts of it

IFS (internal family systems therapy) is an extremely efficient way of working because:

• It has a simple way to negotiate with the parts of your Mind that are trying to protect you, and run your life for you, so that they can take the risk to trust its safe to step aside. This cuts through the process psychotherapists call resistance: because IFS helps you understand how these parts are doing their best for you, and how you can talk directly to them to find out why they are working so hard, and in so doing negotiate with them to step aside.

Integrated Psychotherapy

I have been a member of the UKCP integrated psychotherapy section since 1990. “Integrated psychotherapy” means for me - striking a balance between the knowledge and understanding of object relations and a personal stance where there is room to connect with the person who is coming to see me. I have undertaken training in Gestalt, Object Relations, Reichian work, Pathwork and IFS.



'The fulfillment so painfully longed for can be attained only when you, as an adult, proceed to
search within yourself for all that you still look for outside of yourself.  This must begin with self-
responsibility.  If you remain stuck on blaming your parents, making them and life responsible, you
deprive yourself of the vital center of all good within you.  Only when you search to alter your own
attitude and discover that your suffering is induced by your attitude now, can you begin to find